Ideation Projects

Here you can get an insight into the wide variety of projects that we have already been supporting. Be inspired by our projects and start the innovation journey with your own Innovation Booster Photonics project. 

Our Vivior platform helps to improve vision, vitality and performance and thus to manage digital eye strain caused by the growing amount of time people spend with all types of digital devices. read more

VIVIOR AG, Anja Starke

The application and usage of cannabis products in various fields has become more and more important thanks to the increased scientifically proven potential in the therapy of various symptoms and in... read more

Swiss Queen GmbH, Michela Mastropietro

CEDES is the global leader in elevator sensors. The optical sensors are based on the latest technologies, although the elevator industry is very price sensitive. In this Innovation Booster Photo... read more

CEDES AG, Martin Hardegger

HUBER+SUHNER has identified a large market potential for a new process technology. Within the framework of an Innovation Booster Photonics (IB-P) project, HUBER+SUHNER would like to pursue and eval... read more

HUBER+SUHNER AG, Matthias Bleibler

The aim of the Innovation Booster Project was to select the sensor technology for a visual inspection of the transparent Thoratec blood pump. read more

Thoratec Switzerland GmbH, Stephan Rupp

Swisens AG produces sensors based on holographic imaging and fluorescence spectroscopy to measure pollen concentrations in the air. read more

Swisens AG, Erny Niederberger

The innovative and disruptive idea is to combine the energy application of US-welding and the very local energy delivery of fs-Laser to exactly the spot where the application needs this bonding bet... read more

AAA Assemblage Acoustique Azau, Csaba Azau

Demonstrator for a fully automated palletizing. read more

No-Touch Robotics GmbH, Marcel Schuck

Development of an on-chip Interferometer module with small footprint and easy-to-use interfaces for versatile use in various optical sensing applications. read more

Vario-optics AG, Nikolaus Flöry

Status: closed
Cheap, robust and accurate digital weight cell for industrial applications. read more

IngStaff GmbH, Mehmet Demirel

Improve measurement throughput + device integrity. read more

Oryl Photonics SA, Orly Tarun

Lasers suffer from long-term pointing instabilities due to environmental and other influences. In addition, UV femtosecond pulse beams, as the front-end laser for SwissFEL, damage relatively fast m... read more

FHNW, Bojan Resan

The goal of the project was exploring potential routes for AM (Additive Manufacturing) of glass using DLP (Digital Light Processing) Technology. read more

ZHAW, Dirk Penner

Assessment of the technical risks for the construction of a miniaturized measuring diagnostic system with the aid of optical simulation and the construction of a rudimentary demonstrator. read more

FH OST, Oliver Fähnle

Measure Glare with your camera lense. read more

xirrus GmbH, Lukas Schuler

Latest Microoptics developments allow to fabricate lens arrays at extreme precision by imprint in curable plastic materials. read more

SUSS MicroOptics SA, Toralf Scharf

The manufacturing of water jet nozzles is manually intensive process, which increases costs, lead-times, quality control and validation needs and inventories. read more

Synova SA, Jeremie Diboine

Infrascreen is committed to the vision of everyone having access to healthy and sustainable fruits and vegetables as well as reaching carbon neutrality. read more

Infrascreen, Benoit de Combaud

Investigate factors influencing particle formation and finding practical, industrial methods for eliminating the creation of particles during deposition of optical thin film coatings. Developing ro... read more

RhySearch Optical Coating, Heidi Thomé

In this project, a novel interrogator will be developped which allows temperature and pressure measurements with fiber Bragg grating sensors at much smaller size than currently available interrogat... read more

XENLUX AG, Philippe Morel

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