What offers our NTN Innovation Booster for you?

It merges Advanced Technologies and Dreams of Novel Applications – the results are strong Innovations for your business.

Ever thought of engaging Photonics Technologies

to boost your product competitiveness? Find unexpected Solutions by running an Ideation-Project with our NTN Innovation Booster.

Seeking radical Innovations?

Approach our NTN Innovation Booster, apply for an Ideation-Project, find highly innovative Solutions.
Find and boost your Product- and Process-Innovations – engage the latest Photonics Technologies
The NTN Photonics – a joint initiative of Switzerland’s Photonics Community and Innosuisse – the perfect instrument and organization to explore and define your next Innovation

Think the unthinkable, explore approaches none ever thought of, dream your next Product- or Process-Innovation, bring them to the NTN’s Ideation-Projects and find unexpected, surprising and rewarding solutions and concepts. Ideation is our core-business, our goal are solutions and rewarding innovations, that pay off for your business.
October 20th 2022 ,

Additive Manufacturing, Microtech and Photonics-Innovation through Interdisciplinarity


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The NTN IB Photonics boosts your innovations, based on the collaboration with our partners.