NTN Innovation Booster Photonics

Photonics Technologies –
Enabler for Innovations in novel Solutions

Photonics Technologies with their vast potential can contribute a lot to solve the challenges of modern society. In the NTN Innovation Booster Photonics, solutions are stimulated and the corresponding attractive development projects are defined. Open innovation and striving for disruptive approaches are essential working principles.

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NTN Photonics
The NTN Innovation Booster Photonics is managed by the Swissmem Industry Sector Photonics. The Booster involves in its networking activities and innovation events all interested industries, universities, institutes, opinion leaders and individuals of the Swiss photonics community.

NTN Innovation Booster
c/o Swissmem
Pfingstweidstrasse 102, Postfach
CH-8037 Zürich
T +41 44 384 48 52