Innovation Booster Photonics

The Innovation Booster Photonics Program is organized and financed by Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation agency.

Innovation Booster Photonics –

Boost your ideas and find strong, rewarding Innovations

Innovation Boosters are a funding instrument from Innosuisse. They aim to bring together teams on national level from universities, industries, economy and society, to focus on specific innovation topics, and: to stimulate the generation and to test dedicated innovation approaches.

Actors along the entire value chain of a theme develop in interdisciplinary ideation-teams concrete solution-ideas, for either processes, products or services. New scientific findings provide important impetus. However, dedicated customer needs are the main ideation-drivers. Together with search for the idea’s feasibility and profitability, they take centre stage.

The Innovation Boosters create the framework necessary, for transferring knowledge by creativity-methods such as e.g. open innovation culture. All active Innosuisse Innovation Boosters and their innovation themes you will find here.


Innosuisse as a public entity of Swiss government promotes science-based innovation in the interests of industry and society in Switzerland.