IDeation Process

The Innovation Booster Process provides direct funding to selected innovation teams for the development and testing of innovation ideas.
Additionally, the innovation teams have the opportunity to benefit from the Innovation Booster’s multidisciplinary network of experts. The Innovation Booster Process details two main stages of the design thinking approach: INSPIRATION and IDEATION.

You want to master an urgent challenge?
Here's how it goes:

  1. Entry in to the Innovation Booster Process is basically possible in two ways. You start the process by either
    • submitting your Project Idea Application Form direct to for a check of eligibility (direct application) or by
    • submitting your idea in an attitude of open innovation to the web-based ideation campaign (, powered by HYPE) and be interested in solving the given challenge in collaboration with other members of the community. The later will be only possible in case of an ongoing Innovation Booster Photonics Campaign.
  2. Define your business-critical issues and apply for the matching grant with the Mission Statement Form (Funding Approval). Your Mission Statement will be assessed by booster experts.
  3. Document your solution-assessment with respect to feasibility, innovative content and commercial potential with the Final Report Form. Make a statement on potential value and the option to pursue the idea(s) as full Development Project. Decide on follow-up.
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