Build teams to:
Test and verify innovation ideas
Decision Criteria:
  • Unmet need?
  • Promising multi-solution approach?
  • Team with adequate skillset profile?
  • Level of innovation?
  • Photonics involved?
Are you missing project partners? We can help you identify the missing expertise and connect you with potential partners.
Matchmaking support
Our booster experts can support you not only with technological know-how, but also with knowledge of the potential market application.
Expert support
We can support you with methodology know-how to apply novel tools for open and radical innovation.
Methodology support
You can get up to max. CHF 25’000 funding to test your idea and bringing it to the next level.
How does it work, Phase I:
Find Challenges
What is a pressing need or challenge you’d like to solve? Put yourself in the perspective of your customers and look at things with fresh eyes. Build teams composed of different skills to apply a multi-solution approach!
virtual platform
Web-based Ideation
Individual, bottom-up
Direct Ideation-Applications
Participate in one of our events and become member either in an ideation project or contribute to a challenge definition or just join a networking event to become familiar and part of our Photonics Ecosystem in Switzerland.
Physically Presented Events
Virtual Ideation-Workshops
How does it work, Phase II:
Find Solutions, Test Ideas
Encourage wild ideas and build concepts. Ask for direct feedback from the people you’re designing for. Prove the innovation content and ist economic potential.
Project owner
1.Project Idea Description
Describe your idea and submit it with our Project Application form for a first check of eligibility.
2.Mission Statement
Define the mission and the objectives of your booster project and apply for the matching grant with our Mission Statement form.
Project owner
5. Project end report
At the end of the project, document your solution-assessment with respect to feasibility, innovative content and commercial potential with our Follow up Report form.
Innovation Booster
3. Expert Evaluation
Your submission will be assessed by booster experts. In case of a successful application, you will get a Funding Promise for your project and you can start boosting your idea.
4. Funding Promise
Innovation Booster
6. Funding
The promised financial contribution will be transferred to a bank account to be specified by the applicant together with the follow up report.
Registration For Event
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