What can photonics contribute to monitoring the medical use of cannabis?

What can photonics contribute to monitoring the medical use of cannabis?

The application and usage of cannabis products in various fields has become more and more important thanks to the increased scientifically proven potential in the therapy of various symptoms and indications. For their use, easy-to-use and cost-effective methods for dosage and effect monitoring are required. This study will investigate whether and how photonic non-invasive technologies can contribute to this.

The targeted resolution pathway to address the issues:
– Workshops and/or interviews with experts from the following area will be conducted:
– potential users: clinics, health professionals, patients, authorities, police, and many more
– Technology partners: photonics specialists, data specialists, …

The result of this study will be a report with possible photonic monitoring methods and their evaluation by users.

Project Partners:

IMP Institute of Microtechnology and photonics: Prof. Dr. Stefan Rinner
IMP competences range from the characterization of different light sources to the coupling and decoupling of light in optical fibers, design and realization of optical systems, optical metrology, optical coatings, and detection by means of (miniaturized) optical sensors. The further processing of image data by means of image processing is also one of our core competences.

IMP also pass on knowledge and experience from industrial projects in teaching: both in the photonics field of study (systems engineering course) and as part of the photonics training in the MSE master’s course.

ESA Institute for Electronics and Actuators: Prof. Dr. Tindaro Pittorino
Robustness to environmental influences, low power requirements and increasing miniaturization are the challenges we face in the world of electronic systems today. We realize practical analog and digital electronic solutions in a highly interdisciplinary environment. We are committed to strengthening the visibility of electronics expertise at the OST Campus Buchs in research and education.

Competence Center OnkOS -OST University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland: Prof. Dr. Antje Koller (Head of Competence Center OnkOs, OST), Prof. Dr. Andrea Kobleder (OST)
The Competence Center OnkOs pursues the goal of generating nursing science findings and implementing them in nursing practice, teaching, and continuing education. This is intended to achieve improved outcomes for affected individuals, but also to enhance the quality of nursing care and strengthen interprofessional collaboration in the context of oncology.

With increasing incidence and decreasing mortality rates as well as the constant advancement of oncological therapies, the complexity in the care continuum of oncological patients increases. This results in unknown needs for those affected and new fields of action in the nursing context as well as in interprofessional collaboration.

Targeted research is necessary to be able to guarantee the holistic care, support and nursing of patients in a satisfactory and scientifically sound manner – across all phases of their illness and with the involvement of their relatives.

Swiss Queen GmbH, Mr. Jan Maron and Ms. Michela Mastropietro:
Swiss Queen is a leading organization dedicated to research and development in the field of cannabis. With a strong emphasis on innovation, Swiss Queen is committed to unlocking the full potential of cannabis through scientific exploration and discovery.

Driven by a mission to advance the understanding of cannabis and its therapeutic applications, Swiss Queen conducts studies to uncover the plant’s properties, its interaction with the human body, and its potential benefits across various fields.

In addition to its scientific endeavors, Swiss Queen actively collaborates with academic institutions, healthcare professionals, and regulatory bodies to shape the future of cannabis research and promote responsible usage. Swiss Queen engages in educational initiatives to raise awareness about the potential benefits of cannabis-based therapies and advocate for evidence-based policies that facilitate safe access to quality products.

Overall, Swiss Queen stands at the forefront of cannabis research and development, combining scientific expertise, innovation, and a commitment to improving human well-being through the exploration of cannabis’s potential.

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