Versatile Pick & Place Automation Cell for Small Optical Components

Versatile Pick & Place Automation Cell for Small Optical Components

Currently, micro optical components are predominantly handled manually. This results in high labour costs, restricted repeatability, and inhibits further miniaturization. Recent advances in robotic perception and gripping provide the opportunity to automate this process and overcome these disadvantages. Within the scope of this project, a demonstrator for automated pick & place of optical microlenses has been developed, implemented, and tested successfully.

Project Partners:
No-Touch Robotics GmbH: As a Spin-Off of ETH Zurich, No-Touch Robotics is a pioneer in the area of robotic microhandling. It provides automation solutions for the damage-free handling of small and fragile components by using precise force control.

Feinwerkoptik Zünd AG: Feinwerkoptik Zünd is one of Europe’s leading companies when it comes to manufacturing and developing as well as custom and mass production of optical components and systems.

Optics Balzers AG: Materion Balzers Optics is an innovative and independent industry partner for the development and production of coated optical components and subassemblies.

Mikrop AG: Mikrop is a globally operating technology leader in the area of the miniaturisation of high-precision optics with a diameter beginning at 0.3 mm.

Zünd Präzisionsoptik AG: The Zünd Group is a globally recognized leader and center of excellence for challenging planar optics and coatings of highest quality standards.

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