Smart Load Cell

Smart Load Cell

Our digital smart load cell offers measurement as a service. By integrating two different and independent measuring methods, different accuracy and measuring speeds can be set. This also increases the failure safety. Thanks to the digital interface, the load cell can be used for big data analyses as well.

Research Partner is the university of applied science OST campus Buchs having competencies in Photonics, Metrology and Vision.

It can be a long way from an idea to a product. Photonics Innovation Booster took us a big step further. We had an idea how to use an optical measurement system in a digital load cell. After a theoretical analysis, Photonics Innovation Booster’s support enabled us to test and verify the measurement system in the lab. Our research partner, the OST Campus Buchs, built an experimental setup in their optics laboratory and tested the optical measurement system for its suitability in a load cell. The results are very promising.

We are currently planning a follow-up project to develop a digital load cell. The support and network of Photonics Innovation Booster helped us to get in touch with new potential partners.

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