SIMPLE – Solubility is made practically easy

SIMPLE – Solubility is made practically easy

SIMPLE is based on an advanced form of light scattering that is designed to measure the solubility of substances, from small molecules to proteins, peptides and macromolecules. Compared to the State-of-the-art liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry (LC-MS), SIMPLE saves 80% of time, 95% of costs, 99% of chemicals and 98% of electricity. With SIMPLE, solubility is made practically easy, sustainable and reliable.

EASY is based on a patented light-scattering solution that saves days of repetitive work, minimizes the use of compounds, chemicals and consumables at the same time, maximizes cost and time savings.

The Innovation Booster Photonics program helped Oryl Photonics by setting up the ideal collaboration matching the company’s needs and stage of development. With the help of the booster project, we improved together with our partners CSEM Neuchâtel and CSEM Landquart the optical, electronics and mechanical designs of the EASY Screener leading to increased throughput and improved device integrity.

The project helped us to identify exactly the problem that we needed to solve, thus, accelerating our prototype development.
Moreover, this fruitful collaboration set the stage for bigger innovation-based projects that will help Oryl Photonics accelerate its market entry.

We are now industrializing the EASY screener and preparing for go-to-market activities.

Project Partners:
Oryl Photonics SA
CSEM Neuchâtel
CSEM Landquart

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