The future of health data monitoring

- meeting emerging needs with novel sensing and photonics technologies

The future of health data monitoring, 20. June 2024, 9:00 - 17:30 in St. Gallen

Workshop topic

Wearable technologies have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, revolutionizing how we monitor our fitness levels. From counting steps to tracking heart rate via smartwatches, these devices have become ubiquitous. Moreover, significant strides have been made in advanced health monitoring, extending to measurements like oxygen saturation and pioneering efforts in wrist-based glucose level detection.

However, the frontier of health monitoring extends far beyond these achievements. What are the cutting-edge advancements in detecting an even broader range of biomarkers? How is the field evolving towards mobile diagnostics and even preventative medicine? This workshop delves into the latest innovations in wearable health data monitoring, focusing on technological advancements, enhanced functionality, and the drive towards miniaturization. We’ll examine the pivotal role of innovative sensor technology and photonics in transforming wearable healthcare devices, impacting our everyday lives and improving patient care in critical hospital environments.

This workshop aims to address the pressing challenges for health data monitoring.

We will explore how sensing and photonics technologies can facilitate non-invasive, easily accessible, and real-time monitoring of health and well-being.


jointly organized by the Innovation Booster Photonics, the Health Innovation Hub Initiative by the Innovation Park Ost, Empa St.Gallen and the Fachhochschule OST

Date / Location

Date:                 Thursday, 20. June 2024

Duration:            9.00 a.m.*, resp. 10.30 a.m. – ca. 17.30 p.m.

*From 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.: optional labtour with limited seats. Separate registration required: in case of interest, please register by e-mail to Bärbel Selm,

Location:             Switzerland Innovation Park Ost, Lerchenfeldstrasse 3, 9014 St.Gallen

Program Highlights

Dive into the world of advanced healthcare solutions with lab tours at the Empa, explore the Innovation Park Ost Showroom, showcasing healthcare innovations, listen to expert talks on the needs from the user perspective and the latest technological advancements, and engage in deep-dive group discussions to uncover potential solutions and areas of need.

Target audience

This workshop aims for both, partners seeking an innovative solution and potential technology providers. E.g. Business developers and innovators in sensor and photonics technology, product managers, R+D specialists, healthcare professionals and researchers, representatives from healthcare industries


English & German – talks will be held in English and group discussions in the desired language.


9:00 Optional Labtours at Empa St.Gallen and Showroom Innovation Park Ost.
Limited seats: mandatory separate registration by e-mail to
10:00 Arrival & Welcome Coffee at Switzerland Innovation Park Ost
10:30 Welcome & Introduction into the Workshop
10:45 Input Talks Part I – Research Perspective
  • Guido Piai, FH OST «Wearable, Wireless and Mobile Health Data Monitoring: Perspectives, Challenges and Risks»
  • Luciano F. Bösel, Empa «Photonic Textiles for Healthcare»
  • Fabian Braun, CSEM «Unobtrusive Long-Term Monitoring Using Wearables»
11:45 Networking Lunch, in parallel: Showroom Innovation Park OST
12:45 Input Talks Part II – User Perspective
  • Christiane Brockes, alcare AG «Trends and Technology Needs for the Next Frontiers in E-health Evolution»
  • Maximilian Bösch, Kantonsspital St.Gallen «Clinical Needs for Monitoring Patients with Respiratory Diseases»
Input Talks Part III – Industry Perspective
  • Peter Seitz, epyMetrics AG «Wearables – on the Way to the Portable Health Lab»
  • Philipp Vetter, Rheo AG «Stream Vital Patient Data from Anywhere»
14:15 Coffee Break
14:45 Group Discussions to explore challenges and needs in more detail and discuss possible approaches and solutions
  • Group 1, moderated by Samantha Paoletti, CSEM
  • Group 2, moderated by Adrian Weitnauer, FH OST
  • Group 3, moderated by tbd, FH OST
  • Group 4, moderated by Sven Hoffmann, Switzerland Innovation Park Ost
  • Group 5, moderated by Selina Casutt, Innovation Booster Photonics
15:45 Wrap up in the Plenum
16:15 Networking Apéro



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